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PROJECT HELD ON 10/06/2007


On the morning of October 6, 2007, Brethren from Robinson Lodge #266 and Daylight Lodge #760, met at the home of Bro. Darrell Waddell and his family, to perform some much needed repairs to the floor of their home, which had deteriorated over the past few years. Bro. Waddell, a Member of Daylight Lodge and an Honorary Member of Robinson Lodge, is disabled, and no longer is able to perform such repairs to the home as he once did. Pictures from that event are below. How wonderful when Masons can come together in Brotherly Love!

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Bro. James and Bro. Bill get right to work, while Bro. Kenny Perkins, WM of Robinson Lodge, looks on.

Bro. John Peck, an Entered Apprentice from Daylight Lodge, prepares the beams to support the new floor.

Bro. Larry Garmon of Robinson Lodge works to remove areas of the old flooring that is to be replaced.

Bro. Paul Peck, WM of Daylight Lodge (left) joins Bro. Bill, Bro. Sill and Bro. James from Robinson Lodge.

Bro. John Peck and Bro. Larry Garmon continue to work to remove areas of the old flooring that is to be replaced.

Not a single finger was lost while sawing the wood the entire day! Bro. Paul Peck shows his supervision skills while the wood is cut.

Bro. Sill and Bro. Paul look on as Bro. Larry and Bro. John prepare the beams for the new flooring to be installed.

Bros. Bill, John, Paul, Larry and Sill get the new flooring ready to be laid down, while Bro. James makes sure it's done properly.

It's getting crowded in here! More of the old flooring is removed.
More of the old flooring is removed. Prepping for the new floor to be installed.
Old flooring down the hallway is removed. Old flooring down the hallway is removed.
Brothers Bill and James hatch a plan. New padding is laid over the new flooring.

Bro. George Bowman of Daylight Lodge, shows us a side of Bro. Paul Peck that we apparently didn't know about!

Front row: Bros. Sill, Bill, Kenny, Darrell and Paul. Back Row: Bros. Brent, George, Larry, James and John.


Thanks So Very Much Brothers for a Job Well Done!!

In Brotherly Love,
Darrell, Starla and Jarrett Waddell
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