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Member's Anniversaries - 2009

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March 2009

From Left to Right: Bro. Art Williams (41 years), Bro. Joel Wilcox (19 years,) Bro. Clifford Halleron (61 years – Oldest Living Past Master), Bro. Tory Curtis (27 years), Bro. James Brown (16 years), Bro. Richard Schroader (30 years), Bro. Frank Helton (19 years), Bro. James Helton (19 years) and Bro. Stephen Chapman (36 years)

We had a total of 268 years of Masonry Represented Ribbon presentation.

april 2009

From Left to Right: Brother Russell Anderson - 31 years, Brother David Abney - 21 years, Brother Larry Garmon, PM 6 years, Brother Joe Downs 6 years, Brother Clarence Daugherty 50 years, Brother Tommy Russell 6 years, Brother Syl Schepers 6 years.

May 2009

From Left to Right: Brother Jackie Ramsey, PM – 33 years, Brother Russell L. Grant – 1 year, and Brother Alton Edlin, Jr., PM – 33 years.

september 2009

october 2009

november 2009

Brother Wheeler Hughes

Brother Wheeler Hughes

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